Essential hull changes and other small stuff

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After recalculating the estimated weight of the vessel, I decided to enlarge the hulls by a few centimeters in both width and height. The added buoyancy will give additional safety margin when the vessel is at full weight. Unfortunately, this also means some inside space is lost, but so be it.

The calculated draft is between 13 and 17 cm, depending on the number of people and cargo on board. The hulls are heightened from 20 to 24 cm and 5 cm wider compared to previous designs. A 1:10 model will have to proof my calculations.


Inside the vessel I’ve moved some stuff around. The kitchenette moved forward a bit to make room for the door. The steering position is smaller and also moved forward. And the benches/bed are now U-shaped around back. This means it’s no longer possible to sit with more than 2 people. But I recon the vessel is too small for that anyway.


I’ve added proper doors both sides and added some detail to them. I’ve added 2 hatches in the roof, allowing a grown person to stand up and look outside. And I’ve added a large hatch in the bow. This will probably be a 2-part hatch, split horizontally. The upper part will swing up, just like a hatchback-car. The lower part will fold down as sort of a ramp, allowing easy access to the vessel when beaching.

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