She’s upright

This weekend the bottom of the first pontoon was closed and she could be turned upright. Another milestone 🙂

I’ve also started work on the second pontoon. The glued together sides are on the garage floor. Bulkheads are done already, so I should be able to start gluing her together next weekend. It’s going to be a crowded garage.

Next is filleting all the joints. It’s pretty hard to get epoxy thick enough so it doesn’t run. I need to add about 10% filler material, measured by weight (150 g of epoxy needs 15 g of filler). That makes it so thick it’s hard to mix. In the end I kust checked every few hours and smooth out any runners. Not perfect, but good enough for me.

I’ll put injection resin on the inside to make the wood waterproof. I may also paint the inside, haven’t decided on that yet.

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