Pontoons connected

I’ve finished the cross members, figuring 18mm plywood should be plenty strong for the task. I’m not sure how much weight they’d be able to carry, but I feel confident other parts will break before the cross members do.

Connecting the pontoons was pretty straight forward. After some careful measuring, making sure the pontoons where parallel, fitting and gluing the cross members was easy. All the seems between the hull and cross members have been strengthened with 50mm glass fiber. I thing she looks nice 🙂

The area between the cross members will be decked in. Here I’m adding some blocks to help attach the deck to later on.

4 thoughts on “Pontoons connected”

  1. I like your plan. One thought on your crossmembers is that they should have been built with the ribs fully connected – single piece of plywood that is the crossmember and the rib. When you build the pontoons, you use temporary braces just forward and aft of the intended location. Adding a small 45 degree from the crossmember to the rib would make it even stronger with little change in weight. V/R Chris

  2. Would love to have more info! This a a great project and is a lot like what I am planning on in the future. For mine, I am planning on a cabin / canvas wall tent to save weight, money and be convertible for towing. I plan on about 26 or 28′ long by 8.5′ wide and a tent about 12 feet long. Used for camping and cruising on the Great Lakes and maybe the Great Loop. Kubota long tail 16.5 HP for power.

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